2-Digit Addition Bingo

Help kids build addition skills the fun way with this 2 digit addition bingo game

Are you ready to play some math math bingo! Just print off the calling cards and bingo boards and your kids will be ready to play.

Do you need 1 digit bingo addition - no worries - we got you covered there too! 

In this fun game, kids will get to play and practice their addition and place value skills. 


How to Play 2-Digit Addition Bingo:

If you're familiar with how to play traditional Bingo, math Bingo will be a piece of cake for you!. The winner is the first player who has 5 spaces in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row covered (the row must be ) on their Bingo card.

1) At the beginning of the game, each player selects an addition Bingo card and places a marker on the Free Space square.

Decide which player will be the caller for the first round of play. After that, going clockwise, players take turns at being the caller.

2) The caller picks up and turns over the top card from the face-down off the pile, and reads the question. Players will then work out the problem on their scratch paper and then look to see if the answer is on their bingo card. If so, they cover the answer with on of their markers. If not, they do nothing.

After the caller reads the card, the card is then placed aside in a discard pile. After all of the face-down cards are pulled and added to the discard pile, the discard pile is then shuffled by the next caller and turned face-down again so play can continue.

3) Play continues in the same way with the caller reading the next card.

As soon as a player covers five squares in a row, vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the yell "BINGO", and the are the winner!

*Important* At this point, the player/s who called "BINGO" will need to have their five markers in a row checked by one or more of the other players to ensure that the five spaces covered each match up to an equation card in the discard pile. Once that's verified, that player is the Winner! If not, the player/s must remove those five markers, and the game continues as before. 

Sometimes there can be more than one winner: if two players call "BINGO" at the same time. If two or more players call "BINGO" after the same round, the player who calls "BINGO" first is the declared winner. The other player/s who also have five squares covered that same round are the runner-up winners. 

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