Fraction Strips

Are your students very comfortable working with fractions? Fraction strips are a proven method that makes discovering fraction relationships and equivalent fractions easy to understand!

What are they? Strips of paper that are sectioned off to represent "parts of a whole". You can make your own from construction paper in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are great in the classroom or at home for giving kids a hands-on way to learn fractions. Below is an example divided into fourths.

Fraction Strip

Fraction Game: Students will compare and contrast physically the various size-relationship between fractions.They will also demonstrate the addition of fractions.

Fraction Lesson Plan Using Strips: Here's a lesson that will give students hands-on practice using fraction strips to compare different size fractions.

Blank Fraction Strips: Print off the strips and see if students can fill in the correct fraction names on the strips.

Classroom Fraction Game

Materials: Rectangular paper strips and a group of students.

Skills: Adding fractions, equivalent fractions and good oral communication skills.

Procedure: Cut the rectangular strips into varying lengths and label them with fractions (e.g 1/2, 1/3, 1/5,1/6). Distribute the strips randomly among the students. The winner of this fraction game has to be the first to have strips that have a total value equivalent to one. Students are allowed to swap strips with each other. For instance , if a student needs 1/6 to get to 1 and has an additional 1/3 , he can ask another student to swap for 2 1/6s for his 1/3.

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