You've come to right place to find online fraction games that you can play at the click of a mouse! Fractions can be confusing for many students. Kids love games, so fraction games are a natural when it comes to helping them learn.

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FRACTION BALLS 1: Identify fractions with the picture. Each fraction ball has a fraction on it and it's your job is to guide the ball into the correct container.

MATH SPLAT: Help save the mosquitoes in this adding fractions game. Starts with common denominators and the last level has unlike denominators.

Multiplying Fractions Drill: After you click the link, if you need to review multiplying fractions before playing the game, just scroll up the page to see how to multiply fractions.

EQUIVALENT FRACTION MATCHING :Drag and Drop the answers on the right to match them with their equivalent fractions.

FRACTION MATCH : This next online game helps to see fractions visually. Kids have to match the fraction with the picture fraction.

FRACTION FREEZE: A game where the player has to freeze the picture fraction to match the fraction given.

BOWLING FOR FRACTIONS: This is both a visual and interactive fraction activity. Students click to build a visual fraction, then enter the correct name of the fraction.

EQUIVALENT FRACTIONS QUIZ: Here's a 10 question quiz to see how well kids understand equivalent fractions.

THE FRACTOTRON: This fun fraction activity sees how well kids can spot if fractions are more than, less than, or equal to one-half.

Online Fraction Games Are Cool!!!

Fractions are like most anything, the more we do something, the better and more comfortable we become at it. So if we put two and two like to play fraction games can help them learn and practice something while having fun.

When learning fractions, kids are first introduced to the concept of what a fraction is. After that they're taught how to add two fractions together.

And then subtracting fractions comes next. They learn how to add fractions with common denominators and fractions without common denominators.

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