Roll a Category - Math Game

by Donna Bergeron
(Tioga, Louisiana)

Grade: Any grade

Subject: Any subject

Objective: Be the team to earn the most points.

Pre-made Materials:

  • one die
  • 50 questions (10 questions for each category.)
For example your five categories may be...

  1. Changing Decimals to Fractions"
  2. Changing Fractions to Percents"
  3. Changing Percents to Decimals"
  4. Changing Percents to Fractions"
  5. Changing Fractions to Decimal"

Each of these would have ten multiple questions with three options, A, B, and C.)

  • sets of ABC cards (A set contains three cards, and "A", a "B", and a "C".
You will need as many sets as the number of groups you will have. I color code each of my sets so I have a blue team, a green team, a yellow team, etc. I also laminate the sets so they last for years.)

Directions: Group students in 3 to 5 groups. (More than 5 can get confusing). List all the categories on the board for the students to see. Include a #6. and write "Group Choice". The first group then rolls the die on the floor so that all can see it. If it lands on a "1" then read a question and its three choices from category 1. If a 2 then read a question from 2 and so on. If it lands on a "6", then the team that rolled the 6 gets to pick a category from 1-5.

After the question is read, the students work together to decide which card to hold up, but MAKE SURE that they DO NOT hold it up until you clue them to do so. that way, no one can benefit from a smarter group. If they hold it up early, they can not earn a point that round.

I keep score on the board with tally marks. Students may need scrap paper to work problems.

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