Pick a number

Do some calculations

Read Their Mind!

by Paul Ford
(Springboro, OH 45066 (USA))

1) Have somebody pick a number (any number will work, but it is much easier for them to do the math if they pick a smaller number). They need to remember this number.

2) Double the number

3) Now tell them you want them to add a number that you choose to the new number they got from Step 2. You may choose any number you want. (At the end of the trick, when you Read their Mind", the answer that they will ultimately have will be half of this number you told them to add.

4) Divide the number by 2

5) Subtract the number they started with.

Tell them to think hard about the number they currently have, and send a telepathic message to you. Put your fingers on the sides of your head (temples) - to show that you are concentrating hard... then - reveal the number they are thinking of (half of what you told them to add!).

How It Works
When they start with a number, and then subtract the number they started with - they cancel each other out. When they double a number, and then divide it by 2, they are cancelling each other. So the only that doesn't get cancelled is that tell them to add a number, and then the next step is to divide by 2 - so they number you told them to add will be cut in half.

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