Mean, Median, Mode and Range

Card game

by Alice

The kids love playing this and even ask if they can play "that Poker" game.

  • Take index cards and cut into small rectangles.
  • Write a number between 3 and 6 on each card. A pile of 20 is good.
  • Cut small squares of index cards and write mean, median, mode or range on the cards. Also include a few "your choice mean or range",or "median or mode" cards.
  • To play, students get in pairs. First a student draws a number card. This tells how many cards from the deck the student takes.
  • Then the student draws a mean, median, mode or range card. This card tells what the student should do with the cards drawn from the deck of cards.
  • The student will get the number of points for the mean, median, mode or range.
    Again, a pile of 20 is good. By having the choice cards, students have to determine which gives them more points.
  • Play to 45 points.
For example - if I draw a 3 from my pile of cards numbered 3-6, then I deal myself 3 cards from the deck. Then I pull a card that says median. If I dealt myself a 5, 8 and a 7, I would determine the median to be 7 and give myself 7 points. I generally tell the kids to take out the face cards, but it can be played either way.

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