How Much Money
Are You Gonna Recieve?

by rumeysa

classroom money games

classroom money games

  1. Put the coins onto table. You can place them into separate piles if you like. For example, put all the pennies together, all the nickels together, all the dimes together, and all the quarters together. And then place he dollar bills together.

  2. Browse around the room for items that will be used as for sale items in the store Place a price on each item by writing the price on a sticky note or piece of paper and attach to appropriate item.

  3. Group the kids in pairs of two. Each pair will be a team in the game. One person on the team will be the store clerk and the other store's customer.

  4. Each team takes turns. The customer chooses one of the items in the store that has a price tag on it. The customer will see looks at the price of the item and goes to the money table and gives the store clerk enough dollar bills to pay for the item. For example, if the item costs 86 cents, the customer would hand the store clerk one dollar bill. Or if an item costs $1.37, the customer would hand the store clerk two dollar bills.

  5. The store clerk then figures out how much money the customer should receive and hands this amount of change back to the customer.

  6. If the clerk gives the correct amount of money back to the customer, their team receives one point.

  7. The money is then returned to the table and the next team follows in the same way. Decide how many rounds to play. The team with the most points at the end is the winning team.

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Are You Gonna Recieve?

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Jan 10, 2017
umm...this game iis cool
by: jaella

this game is nice but where i live we call it 'shop shop'

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