Grab and Add

by Can Teach

Suggested Grades: 1-3

Objective: Students will practice their addition skills through this game.


* 10 bingo chips
* a bag that can fit all of the bingo chips, and is not transparent
* marker

Number of Players: This game can be played in groups of 2-4.

Preparation: Label each bingo chip with the numerals from 0-9 with permanent marker or by writing on a tiny piece of masking tape placed on the chips. For older students you may want to write down higher numbers.

To play the game:

1. Each student takes a turn to shake the bag and without looking grab three bingo chips. For older students, you may want to ask them to grab more bingo chips.

2. Add all the numbers on the chips together and write this number on their piece of paper.

3. The next student repeats this process.

4. Continue to play for a set number of turns or for a set amount of time.

5. Add all of the totals up (may need help from teacher), the player with the highest total wins.

Have Fun!!!

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