by Lee Ann G.
(Spanaway, WA)

I love to use this as a reinforcement activity with any subject. Math works very well. To begin, I draw an equal amount of ships on the chalkboard (usually about 3-4 each). They are just simple shapes, each with 2,3,or 4 circles inside each one.

The class is divided into two teams. Each team takes turns answering various questions. They must raise their hand to answer (sometimes it helps to have a spotter). If they don't raise their hand, the other team gets a free "shot" or chance to answer. If the answers are correct, the person who answered gets to go to the board and "fire" at the other team's ships by drawing a line from one of their ships to one of the others'. This is usually accompanied by sound effects too. They then color in a circle to designate a "hit". This became one of my students' favorite games as they get very competitive.

I hope you enjoy this classroom math game as much as we have!

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