Addition Activities
Forehead Fun!

by Kim Fraser
(Wingham, Ont, Canada)

Requires 3 or more players. This is a good game as you can play anywhere, the car, the kitchen, the backyard.
1, or 2 decks of regular playing cards.

1. Two players will be dealt 1 card each, facedown.(I remove face cards and only use number cards, sometimes 2 decks combined)
2. The players each lift their cards, without looking at them and hold them on their forehead face out. (same concept as game headbands)
3. Someone in the group will call out the answer to the 2 cards.(This works well if everyone gets a turn to call answers as they are practicing their math skills as well.)
4. The two players with cards on their foreheads face each other and try to figure out what number they are based on the number they see on the other person. It can be tricky but the answers come quick!
5. I never need to keep score, it doesn't seem to matter to the kids, they just have fun playing. My tutoring group of six Gr.4 kids demands each session be ended that way with 10 mins of Forehead Fun!

* Will work well for math apps - subtraction and multiplication.

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